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What is Channeling

Everything is frequency. When one channels they are tapping into, plugging into, the frequency of the grid program in which we experience. It's like plugging into a switchboard and connecting with someone at the other end. It's like tuning in a radio. Each frequency resonates a different tuning of information that we sometimes associate with colors, chakras, tones and information. When they plug in and listen asking questions and getting answers is filtered by the channeler.. Becoming receptive to that which is in higher frequency of thought is just another tool as any other modality.
Channeling has always been part of human connection to higher frequencies of thought, as we are experiencing multi-dimensionally
Channeled information was one step on the journey into enlightenment.
All channeled information comes from the same source. The information is the same, passed down through the ages as biblical or prophecy and today referred to as Metaphysics, New Age, or a Traditional Religion.
Music, design, art, dance and acting, are all right brain activities and most likely viewed as channeled.

Making Contact

As stated above we are all energy and energy has a frequency.  When making contact with the sources from above, we meet with their energies through a faceted connection which includes you, the client. 
With this connection made we are able to access information and pertinent details that relates directly to you.
Partnership in this relationship enables the channeler to retrieve this information and confirm details and events,  including  descriptions  and locations.  This access can move you forward and back in time as well as give relevant information for the present

You are the Universe

You are the center of attention during this union.  The source of this information can come from many.  Many beings include your loved ones, your guides, your masters and your higher self.  This connecting with them allows for better understanding, security, balance and emotional stability.  It can also relieve stress, confusion, fear, and a sense of aloneness. 
YOU are never A-LONE in a sea of love and acceptance.

The Global Effect

We are the world, one person at a time.  We are here for a reason and that may or may not be known to us at this time, in this space.  That is ok, all is well and we are moving forward to embrace changes that are required to balance and bring harmony to the planet.  It is your responsibility to see that your life and those around you remain accepting of these changes.  Doing this one person at a time is all that is required for small changes to become the “norm”.  Assist in creating harmony and peace and allow that to be the “NORM”.  Many modalities can assist you in this process of connection.

How to connect with your Loved Ones Masters, Guides and Angels

This is not a difficult process, but does require acceptance and focus
in the beginning.
Many people believe this is going to create monsters and goblins to appear and this is not the case.  Fear will interrupt the process but not bring  all of the imaginables with it.
It is said that mediation and quiet space can aid in the connection with the higher self and those in other realms.  Many have had occurrences after and during these session of mediation, if this is the method you wish to use, just accept.  Other are able to reach out through a day dream style, contemplation or affirmations.
Whatever method you use, create a space that is relaxing and calm. be  aware of your body and its sensations, listen to your inner voice and remain open to the possibilities.  This allows access from your guides and loved ones.  It is not that you do not hear them now.  You want to open a new channel for them so listening is your accepted way of communication.  This gives them permission to guide the way to clearer more consistent messages and delivery.
While in practice for this, be prepared for images, colour, words (not necessary in your language) and energy shifts (the body may experience sensations such as warmth, tingling, increase in blood flow etc), Relaxation, a sense of calm and acceptance will be your signal you are in the presence of your loved ones, guides, angels and masters. 
Enjoy the experience and come away feeling balanced and loved.

Made the Connection

Barbara has written two books to date through channeling and is on her third.  This is not impossible for you to do either.  It requires faith and listening to be able to sense their presence (Light Entities) and act on the messages being given.  Being open and receptive will enhance for ability to connect.  This will open up a whole new world to you, with new perceptions, sensitivities, heightened awareness and clearer thoughts.  Your will have tapped into your spiritual energy at a soul level.  It is here that your higher self resides, guiding you throughout your life, conscious of it or not.
You to can have this experience and tap into the unlimited energy of the universe to light your way.

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