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Barbara Jayne uses the Rider Waite deck of Tarot and has for the past 33 years. This deck is a classic Tarot deck, perhaps the most well-known in the Western world. It is often called the first modern Tarot deck, as the cards drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith and commissioned by Waite were the first to use detailed pictures on the minor arcana cards
The use of the cards allow for clearer more detailed information
and reduces the clients fears and skepticism.  Once under way the clients more relaxed state allows for better reception and more defined detail, all this with the use of intuition and use of the clients guides, angels, masters and loved ones of other realms.
It is said that hidden agenda, unwanted information and of course death can surface to add fear and anxiety to the session.  This is something that is discussed with the client leading into the session so this information is given permission or denied.  There is no need for added stress in today’s environment.  The information coming forth is for you and your hears only.  You are here to discuss issues and life experience that may be troubling you, you maybe here to find out what direction is needed, your roads maybe crossing with some other issue or situation and clarity is needed.   What ever reason brings you to this session, it will assist you in your evolution here and now.  The information given to you is for here and now.  Moving forward requires information you can use today and that is Barbara Jayne’s mission, to provide you with the information and details that will assist you in this lifetime.  Movement forward is what the Soul seeks.  Barbara Jayne only works from the Soul perspective,  all her answers are from that vantage point. 
She will ask for three questions that do not need to be revealed unless they have not been answered, due to other information presented. Her readings are 40- 60 minutes in length, please ask all your questions within that framework.  She does not want you, the client to return home with other questions.  That is not her way of ending a session. The information represented to you is for you and no one else, if there are others that you request information on and it is related to the representation of information , they will be answered.  Due to the very nature of the process not all other question can be answered.  It is a invasion of privacy for the medium to go forth and read others without permission.  Barbara Jayne does not do this.  It is not ethnical to do so.  It also important for the client to know that once you leave the premises your information is cleared from Barbara Jayne and answers are not available to you, that is her form of confidentiality.

 Your Responsibility

This is now your responsibility.  You have been given the information and the movement is for you to take. The session may have given you answers but what do you do with them.  Ah..decisions decisions..you will know what to do because the information is presented.  It was presented from a soul level and your lessons and experiences work and relate from there.  Do what it is you are doing and realize that in the background of your life is it moving you forward.  You are the only one with the ability to see, feel and work toward what you want.  It is your responsibility to take life in your hands and walk the walk and talk the talk.  Not Mom’s, Dad’s, Husband’s, Wife’s, Boss’s, children’s.  They are in your life, they are not your life.  Take life to the fullest and you be the driver.

 How to Reach Barbara Jayne
Barbara Jayne can be reached at 416 807 1190
E-mail at soulreading@purenlightenment.com

The cost of a Your Life Consultation/Soul Readings is $75.00,
and subject to change without notice.
For further pricing please refer to the Fee Schedule page.
Reading are done in Orangeville, ON
If the client requests another location travel expenses may be incurred
Travel time is discussed upon booking as well as appointment time.
Gift Certificate are available upon request.

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