Pur Enlightenment

Following Your Inner Wisdom to PEACE  and HARMONY


D for development
A for assistance
M for mastering your souls’ purpose
I for the introduction of you
E for maintaining empathy
N for remaining noble


This is a  group of Entities channeled through Barbara Jayne.
Their purpose: to share information, that assist in the balance
and harmony of your world.

To create enlightenment for all involved, assist in balance, bring
light to issues you are not able to visually see.  Create paths of information
that enable those willing to hear the messages, to move forward with the
necessary action.    

Delight you with communication from loved ones, Masters and Light Beings
of other realms.

The possibilities are endless,
the information profound,
the messages startling,
all this very intriguing
Do YOU believe!

Sessions are arranged  according to your needs.
Sessions are  usually 2 hours in length and can actively hold a group of 10-15.
There is a limit of two questions per person as time is precious.
Damien enters and the space is filled with relaxing energy, as this begins,.
Barbara Jayne remains clear and concise in her speech as Damien lowers
her voice slightly.  You will notice slight pauses in her speech as information is
Due to the very nature of this process, all sessions are recorded.
Private sessions are consciously channeled so Barbara Jayne is
fully aware of the
conversation and information being shared.
Working with Damien is called Trance Channeling as the Entity,
Damien enters the body of the Medium, Barbara Jayne
to converse with you and the group.

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