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Energy all around us.

This page is created for you the person sitting here wondering what this is all about.  Someone who is new to the idea and wants to gently practice the art of discovering their own energy fields.


Learning to SEE and FEEL energy

This is a simple process and one that you can do by yourself or with others.  The joy comes from the awakening one feels as this discovery becomes a reality.  Many of you may already be doing something similar to this, but for the sake of the newcomer, please grant them their own experience in this realm we call energy.

Learning to see and feel this energy is quite simple and with practice you will become more visual and this will create excitement and curiosity.  This technique can also assist you in seeing auras and other subtle energies around objects and people.

Getting to know Energy

There is energy everywhere, there is nothing that is not energy.  With this in mind you can move forward.  As you can see by the diagram to the left you are walking moving energy always.

The simplest ways to connect is of course with another living thing.

The diagram to the right shows you this technique in its simplest form and in this way you get a clear sense of the pass or flow of energy.

Glide slowly over a partners hand and the softer the touch the better connected you will be, to the energy that flows from their fingertips as you come off the hand. You can continue to practice this technique on your own hand but it is found that the use of a partner allows you to become more sensitive to the process as objectivity sets in and creates that feeling of discovery.  Your senses wake up and there is a flow you had not know was there: that is the awakening I spoke about earlier.


This method is for your personal use,  again very simple to use and the results are great.

Place your hands about 12 inches apart and as you can see from the diagram vertical in position.  This position assists you in feel and visual aspects of the procedure. Now as your hands are in front of you bring them closer together and in the same way take them part.  Repeat this action three to four times in and out, in and out.  You will begin to feel a slight pressure between your hands and possibly a tingling or vibration.  This is the first indication for you that you are aware of the presence of energy and as you practice this, you will become more in tune with this presence.

Reiki Reiki

How to Use this Energy

As you become more confident with the feel of this energy you may want to practice on other things, and this is possible.  I caution you as you move forward:  This energy is universal and you are just beginning to get accustom to its properties, on a physical level (as we are all beings of energy)  Practice on small things and move into bigger objects and people with knowledge and practice .

Reiki Reiki

Use of Energy

Using this new found ability can be very healthy and assist in creating more balance.  You can use this on animals, plants and babies.  They will all respond to the gentle touches, soft energy and warm thoughts that are provoked by your interaction with them.  The secret is to use love and acceptance and be aware of the way you are sharing this energy with everything you touch,

You can also use this wonderful new energy knowledge for self help. Using this on yourself aligns the energy, aids in balance, restores energy and creates calm in the body, creating relaxation.

Reiki Reiki Reiki

Do not forget

Everyone has a responsibility to others because without the love and hope you direct,  how is the world going to a better place for all.

Lets all do our part in the creation of that wonderful place.. in which we live.

WE are all energy.....

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