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Grounding and Balance 

Stabilizing your World

In a world that is busy, has family obligations, pressures of work and there is not enough play, relaxation time or quality time with family, you can be overwhelmed.  You as a human being have basic needs and they require your attention or the body begins to have dis-ease and disruption.  Grounding and balancing can fill that gap.

What is Grounding?

There are many ways in which to ground yourself and they are easy, basic  and effective. Grounding is a visualization that works.  This can be done just about anywhere and does not take any special equipment or materials to complete.  It can be done in a gathering or alone in a quiet space, you are all you need.

This simple method of grounding takes 5 minute, but once this exercise is complete, there will be a physical sensation that feels like you are more connected, stable and stronger.

 How to Ground yourself

If you are new to this method, I suggest a quiet space so you can picture this in your mind eye clearly.  It is best to sit and focus (close eyes) your attention on being calm. Once this is achieved, decide what you want to ground yourself with.  I use a anchor, but it can be tree roots, boat chain, or anything else that will give a sense of anchoring or connection.  Once you have decided, visualize this item at the base of your spine (while sitting) as you are energy you will be directing this item to the center of the Earth.  To feel a sense of connection to the item visualize that, you are the item  and send it to the center.  Make sure you add momentum to this and a strong will so it penetrates and acts as your anchor to the world.  When you feel this is complete open your eyes and be aware of how you are feeling.  Maintain this throughout your day and any time you feel you need strength, do this quiet exercise.

What is Balance?

Balance defined: to stabilize, hold equilibrium or find harmony within.  Taken spiritually, one works toward balancing ego with the higher self. Balancing thoughts, and emotional reactions that take you away from your center of balance.  Balance is a state of calm while feeling empowered

Taking on the World

This requires taking care of you, first, and making a connection to the source: your higher self or spiritual self.  This connection will leave you with a sense of belonging.

Gaining Balance

Awareness is the key, that helps you recognize the feeling of   “ off balance”.  Give yourself moments throughout the day to stop doing and simply be. Let go of your work, project or activity for a moment and take a breath, then notice your surroundings. Feel the sensations in your body as you center within. There you will connect to your heart and soul.

Give your mind a break by letting go of thoughts.
Give your body a rest.
Honor your own pace.

Follow your natural rhythm
Make time for silence, meditation and prayer

Your life comes into balance when you infuse doing with being; when you bring a spiritual state of ease, joy and freedom into your daily activities

There is also a visualization that can compliment this sense of well being.  Stand with your arms out to your sides (like a airplane).  This action will immediately let you know whether you are off balance or not. If you tether, you are off balance.  As you stand there (eyes closed) say the word BALANCE.

This is an affirmation and the body knows to follow suit with the action.  You will feel solid, structurally rigid and strong.  Say this whenever you feel “off Balance”.


When you have balance, and you have grounded yourself, you will feel like you can take on the world, achieve anything and feel good about everything.

Here’s to YOU!..... Congratulations

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