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The Healing Circle

This evening takes place every Tuesday
between 7-10 pm    Orangeville, ON
Every other Wednesday in Shelburne, ON


Your Introduction

Energy and Healing

This is a place new to most people,
even though energy is all around us,
 the average person is unaware.  
It is our goal to educate anyone willing to
accept the process and engage in the
 techniques for balance and wellness. 
This process is transformational
in nature
will bring about positive results. 
All that is needed is
acceptance and jo

The Enlightenment Party
The Healing Circle


What is a Healing Circle

A healing circle consists of three people encircling the table with a client.

 As the client lies on the table and becomes comfortable
: One person is positioned at the head and the other at the feet. 
Here they use their hands in cupped formation, placed on either side of head and feet. 
The facilitator then balances and grounds them to the client and Earth.
 This process is necessary to maintain the client’s balance
and allow for the healing session to proceed without interruption.

*Anyone can participate in this circle as we all have universal energy abound.*

There is demonstration and instruction on energy and its use, on the night of your event

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