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 Healing Crystals

 Healing Crystals

Crystal Healing is a form of vibrational medicine.  Gemstones and crystals have their own vibration and this is what is used to connect with the body and its aura (your energy field) and continued use of crystals and gemstones will give relieve from pain and increases mobility to that area of the body. Gemstones and crystals all have an unique shape and mineral makeup and that is what makes them special, useful and healing.
Crystals and gemstones are also used for cleansing, meditation, charging and dispelling energies.
The best way to choose your Crystal is to open up to its energy, you will know that is happening by the way you feel and what stone you are attracted to.

Crystal Therapy and Healing Stones

People are attracted to crystal healing stones for their beauty, their pretty colours and intricate patterns. It can be very calming to the mind just to stare at a crystal, to gaze at its structure and follow the patterns of its ‘veins.’ To hold a piece of healing quartz crystal against human skin or in a person’s hand can be soothing. The physical strength, weight and texture of the crystal are all believed to be part of the crystal healing process.

Crystals can be placed in a home or workspace to provide a calming focus and energy healing for people, offering crystal therapy. The Chinese believe that crystals bring orderliness and clarity into life and often use them to aid in Feng Shui. Crystals have also been adapted for more practical purposes. They were used as tools in ancient times, especially obsidian, because it is strong and solid. In modern culture crystals have been adapted for use in technology, to aid laser cutting and as time movements in wrist watches (Quartz).

The Spiritual Healing Paradigm

The Spiritual Healing Paradigm is the practice of using crystals to channel, direct and amplify energy from the healer into the patient. A spiritual healer will use a collection of healing crystals to channel energy from spirit or from angels. Crystal pendulums are popular for this purpose, particularly healing quartz and amethyst for their general cleansing abilities. The healing stones will clarify and amplify the vibrational healing needed at that time.

North American Indian healers use quartz crystal to diagnose and then remove a problem in a person’s body or mind. Again healing quartz is a popular stone because of its energy and its ability to channel and amplify the necessary healing. It is universal and versatile. The Spiritual Healing Paradigm is very much about believing in spirit and angel energies and allowing them to aid in the healing process

The Resonance Placement Paradigm

The Resonance Placement Paradigm does not require a belief in the world of spirit. It relies on the power of the crystals alone, and the healing intuition of the practitioner. A variety of healing crystals might be used, and they would be chosen for their perceived individual healing qualities. They would then be combined to increase their power and energy to aid in the healing process.

Sometimes a particular crystal might resonate with a patient so the healer will choose to work solely with that one. The healer could then use a collection of the same crystals, or just work with one larger or specially shaped gemstone. The crystals would be placed on or around the human body in a specific format to correspond with the areas that need healing. The colour, shape and composition of crystals is believed to create an energy vibration that encourages the natural healing process.

This practice is linked with the idea of carrying crystals as talismans or good luck charms. India’s Ayurvedic tradition has a history of using crystals and gemstones for similar purposes. Crystals have captivated humans for many thousands of years and there is so much potential in what they can offer for healing and mental and spiritual well being.

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