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Living In Full Enlightenment

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Living In Full Enlightenment

 L.I.F.E has come together over a 5 year period. It has developed into a program that has left whose involved enlightened, balanced, free to move forward, better able to cope and be open, honest and communicative. Times of dis-ease are handled more smoothly and the outcome is a good direction of flow.
Those who have been touched by the process have become better at relationships, making sound decisions and creating more balance and harmony in their lives.
Discovery of self and how we relate to the world as a whole becomes important.
How our perception's and beliefs, and our roles and how they play out, and how they are all interchangeable.

It is informative, interesting and definitely transformational.


A program that translates what is delivered “Live In Full Enlightenment”
Our goal is to assist you in your movement toward Enlightenment.
That means in any way that is possible, working with Angels, Loved Ones, your Masters and Spirit Guides.
Fear will transcend into trust, Pain will transcend into Health,
Sleep will transcend into peaceful rest.
Your days will be calmer and harmony will be with you.

Requirements: An open mind and accepting heart will allow you to take in and process the information given.


Our Certificate Program

Healing Circle: Level One

Grounding and Balance
Achievement for Vibration and Frequency
Chakra Attunement and Awareness
 Singing Bowl Healing
Crystal “Soul” Achievement

Multi Dimensional Healing: Level 2


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