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What is happening?

Our energy doesn’t end where our skin ends – we each have an electromagnetic field around us called the aura. As you own your aura, you create healthy boundaries around your personal space. This will help you to have your own energy flowing freely in your space and prevent others’ energy from entering.

Tune into the difference between your emotions and other peoples’. Like musical notes, each emotion has its own vibration unique to each person. Sadness is lighter than apathy; anger vibrates faster than sadness; amusement feels free and healing; joy is light and bright, and enthusiasm takes you even higher up the scale. Get to know your emotions by feeling them and allowing them to flow. With this awareness you will instantly know when you’ve taken on someone else’s sadness, anger or joy; it won’t feel like yours and it won’t feel comfortable. Then all you have to do is let it go, like taking off something that isn’t yours.


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Protection encased in colour

The human energy field is shaped like a egg and is being constantly attacked by many natural stresses daily.  Your energy fields can clear many of this but over time
energies can remain in your field and start to accumulate there, causing lesions or tears in your energy field. These energetic lesions or "chakra fractures" make you increasingly vulnerable to even more natural and environmental stresses.
Simple layering of colour can give you protection from those outside influences, leaving you feeling at peace and in harmony with the situations and people around you.


 Layers of White Light

This colour is associated with the divine and is a excellent colour to start with.
White light can be used anywhere anytime. Envision your body encased with this soft,smooth divine light, muted colours a warm soft ivories and hues of satin whites are best for this experience.  This is best done while relaxing

 Layers of Pink

This colour is associated with love.  As a colour of protection it comes through the heart and penetrates the soul.  This can be ued to layer over the white and enfuse the body with loving energy

 Layers of Purple
The colour purple is associated with the highest of spirit When layered over white and pink it becomes the ultimate in protection.

The Ultimate
As beings of energy you must be aware of the energies that surround you at all times and make efforts to always maintain your own energy fields as they promote health and well being to you.

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