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Pur Enlightenment is committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our clients for whatever service they may need. We are proud of our continued success in satisfying one client at a time continually. Don't just take our word for it-be sure to read through our client testimonials, and you'll read how we are doing our best!

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My Testimonial to You

I have known Barbara Jayne these past 6 years or so and she is a god send to me.  She has assisted me through many trials and tribulations as I have traveled along my path.
Her book Twilight of a New Day: A Catastrophic Event was a profound wake up call and is a book we all need to read.  She is a wise, strong and very insightful woman and we are lucky to have her with us at this time.
Thank you

Carol Gregg                                                                             Orangeville, ON

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My Testimonial to You

Barb takes a starkly honest approach to sharing her multiple talents and always manages to strike a balance in communicating or applying her skills or translating information with sensitivity to the best benefit of her subjects
Thank you

Donna Cragg
Brampton, ON

My Testimonial to You

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff were helpful, and I am so happy with the outcome I received from Pur Enlightenment.  I will be sure to recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.

Marie Logan                                                                               Milton, ON

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My Testimonial to You

I have personally known Barbara Jayne for 15 years.  During that time on many occasions Barbara would read my tarot cards.  I am a strong believer in the cards.... what they say for the past, present and future..  At the time she read my cards (when we first met) she was not aware of my past and the challenges I had faced.  She was able to see my past during the readings.  Many times over the years she had told me to ”let go”.  It was not till a few years ago that I looked back and recalled what she said ..I had been holding on to the past

During one of my reading (I have never forgotten that day) Barbara Jayne stated that I was going to be moving.  My boyfriend and I were living in Toronto and were about to renew our lease, that week!   I laughed when she said that because we had no intentions on moving, after all we were renewing our lease for another year. Due to a set of circumstances the following week we made a decision to move to Barrie ON and buy a house.  It all happened very quickly.  When I called Barbara Jayne to let her know of the changes, she chuckled and said “It was in the cards”.

Another day stands out in my mind.  It was a summers day when Barbara again was reading the tarot cards and said ”You are going to be receiving a diamond ring”  I said that was impossible my boyfriend and I had not talked of marriage and had no plans.  The following weekend I saw Barbara at our weekend vacation place (the marina) and  I went running up to her and showed my finger.  Bob had asked me to marry him and gave me a beautiful diamond ring.

Barbara Jayne has proven over and over again that she has foresight into the past present and future.
She is a truly gifted lady.

Thank you
Colleen Dagnall
Nova Scotia

My Testimonial to You

It is my privilege to know Barbara Jayne for many years.  She has been not only a trusted friend, but played a immense part of my life in aiding me in becoming an more spiritual individual.

Through the course of my life, many encounters with Barbara Jayne stand out in my thoughts and will always remain a fixture in my mind.  I have experienced many years of Soul readings
(Your Life Consultation) and evolved into her energy work.

Reiki and Visual Healing Technique are outstanding in my life.  My experience of anxiety and worry were made peaceful when she performed these techniques. This experience with Barbara Jayne was in direct relationship with my medical condition.  It has been twice, that Barbara Jayne has used these techniques and has confirmed my correct medical problem (seen in actual x-ray and confirmed) I would advocate to any person to seek advice from Barbara Jayne concerning all life situations. I have been witness to all of her techniques and they are genuine. I have also been in direct contact with her as she completed her first channeled book. In closing my honest opinion is that Barbara Jayne is an extremely compassionate and loving person, approachable and open.

I firmly believe that I am living a much happier and fulfilling life because of my interaction with her. Her life’s philosophies and guidance have given me better understanding and have etched a path for me to follow daily.

Thank you Barbara Jayne
Beverly Livingstone Wilson
Orangeville, ON

shawna recut

My Testimonial to You

My name is Shawna Matheson and I have known Barbara Jayne my whole life and I have had many opportunities to see just how amazing this woman is. She has done numerous readings for me and my family and they are truly accurate. She has also helped my mother with her pain by using her healing hands and her strong energy. There is so much I could say about this remarkable lady. Anyone who has had a chance to talk with Barbara can tell you
she is amazing.

Shawna Matheson
Glace Bay, N.S

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