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Vibrational Bodyworks


 When you change
one thing,
all must change

What is Vibrational Bodyworks
“Vibration and Frequency”

Your transformation takes place at a cellular level,
redesigning your vibrational makeup,
 increasing your frequency to
 “become an ever changing
 source of being

 when you change one thing all must
change to meet its counterparts, for when you increase your energy levels it speeds up all processes
therefore you naturally
transform, evolve, and recreate
at a higher vibration, energetically changing your
 physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

That is Vibrational Bodyworks at its finest

Gem Alliance


Vibrational Bodyworks is the umbrella for the union (Light Rays
and Gem stones
) involved in this process as both carry with it
Mother Earth’s healing qualities. 
They hold her vibration, assisting you with balance, health, and peace.

This combination of tools involves you directly.  As your energy interacts with the light and gems, you are given the Gift of wellness in all its entirety.

All that is needed is ACCEPTANCE

The Light Ray


“Vibrational movement through the Dance of Light”,

Just what does that statement mean?

It is the union of vibration (energy) through the use of gems and light frequency (speed) and how that union affects us physically.

It is the use of light (red, blue, yellow and green) and the interaction of gems (tiger’s eye, citrine, quartz, etc.)
that enhances the evolution of YOU

Vibrational Bodyworks Complete Package

Reiki Reiki

Discovering the Illumination of YOU

We have designed a Package that enables you to work in the light,
complete the process with your own set of gems, and be connected to Barbara for consultation through the website and Skype.

This is interactive, powerful,
fun, and transformational.

Package includes,
Set of Gems/Definitions
Consultation with Barbara Jayne
  hr. Session
Colour Screen Links
(under construction)


Colour Screens that Illuminate

Reiki Reiki

Flooding you with radiant light in blue, yellow, red and green elevates
your vibrational frequency.

 This enables you to CONNECT with Gem Alliance
 (light and gem energy)
creating interaction in your own personal vibration (Aura). 

As you blend with this energy, you create feelings inside the body that relate
 back to you and assist you in balancing with the energy and vibration of any particular gem.

The purpose of this interesting method focuses on YOU!

It is your given right to be the




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