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NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderWelcome to Pur Enlightenment. 

Bringing together different modalities, while enhancing all who enter; creating a place for all interested in embracing the concepts of each therapy.

Visual Healing Technique, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch Auras, Chakras, Soul Readings (Your Life Consultations), Balance, Grounding, Protection Techniques, Affirmations and Visualizations.

We as a culture have been directed away from energy, spiritual and healing therapies. 

There are many therapies and this site offers information and explanation.

There are those that have been fearful, superstitious, and ignorant or lack understanding.  There has been a great awakening in this field, though it has come in gradual increments, it is the here and now that I speak of.  There are opportunities to change your life at every turn; there are simple forms of guidance that can direct your life in positive and loving ways that foster peace and harmony.  These small changes will bring you and others in your life contentment.  This is all possible and you are here now to learn and be accepting, or you would not be here reading this, at this time in your life.

Take a moment to realize what that means:

How a small turn of event can make changes that can forever leave you feeling better about YOU.  There is nothing to lose here and everything to gain.  Take the step to a better life, with all that entails; You are the creator of your life with all of its unlimited possibilities We, as a collective body (practitioners) are not asking you to drain your pocket books, step out on a limb, resort to strange practices or BECOME SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT!

Here there is total acceptance and balance for who you are and what level of understanding you hold. I embrace the fact that you are here and now, right now I send you love and acceptance, greet you with open arms and praise you for taking the step forward, having the courage to look at what is not working for you and making the decisions to move away from that piece of your life.  There are no promises here, only knowing that what you do today for yourself will guide you to a better more resilient you.  Challenges are all around you every day, making changes in attitude, working with others and learning about you, can have wonderful effects on how you relate, what you do, how you do it and how you love and accept others.

What are you waiting for?
What is there stopping you from your GOOD?
It does not matter your age and it does not matter where you are in life.
Seek what makes you happy!
Seek what keeps you feeling young at heart.
Seek what you feel is true to you!
Seek what the heart tells you to do.
Seek those of like mind?
Seek positive experiences and then remain positive.
Seek love and be loving!
Seek balance in the chaos of life
Then you will find Peace.
Pur Enlightenment awaits you!

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